A single, most wearable item in your wardrobe. Now crafted for you and designed by you!

If you are going to own one pair of jeans, make them look very special and fit specially for you!

We all know that a great pair of jeans is an integral part of the wardrobe.  Whether you wear it with the t-shirt or dress it up with the sport jacket, it is a single article of the clothing that is often hard to find to fit perfectly.

 From creating a brand new jeans that fit you perfectly, to replicating your favorite pair, our Custom Made to Measure denim program has endless possibilities!  We tailor for gentlemen and ladies, and there are several models to pick from.

Crafting a perfect pair of jeans is an art.  It’s all starts with luxury denim cloth, made out of organic cotton, woven, and dyed in the northern Italy.   From that point it’s all about choices as we present you with 11 colours to chose from, and three various washes.  That’s 33 options from which you can pick your favorite shade!

Unleashing inner creativity and discover the fun of designing your next pair of jeans is an integral part of the process. From choosing the colour and luxurious material of the patch, to picking the buttons, rivets, threads, and of course, styling itself!  You will be on the way to wear something special, something only you will own!

 From the moment of design to how it’s tailored, packaged, and shipped, Brizo custom jean is a true luxury product in every sense. Each order is being vigorously inspected for quality standards and checked to make sure all requirements are met, and all of the measurements as requested. 

As with any other Brizo garment, the copy of your individual pattern is kept at the workshop.  This way it allows us to modify your future order, if necessary to accommodate for any slight changes in fit of your jeans or your body.


Let's create a perfect pair of jeans!

Do you have the favorite jeans that you would like to re-create or perhaps, improve upon fit? It’s easier than you think and you can start right now!  Let us guide through the design process but first, you will need to download and read the measurement manual below. We also included the form to help you to record your measurements.  Once you’ve finished with this very important step, let’s connect and get to a design stage!