What Our Clients Say?

Building generations of loyal clients is a major pillar of our professional pride, and our brand vision.

Great tailor who knows how to style and create one of a kind pieces that work best with my life style
Mike H
Animation Artist
I am truly grateful to the Brizo team for their amazing work, excellent customer service, their passion and dedication and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe
Alex Gorouvein
IT Consultant
Konstantine is a true professional with great taste, advice and style as well as an attention to detail that is second to none. After struggling with garments from the more “mainstream” made to measure programs it was very refreshing to receive an end product that fit like a glove from the very first fitting. Wearing these products is a sure-fire way to attract positive attention in both personal and professional settings and I look forward to ordering more in the future. He has made me a customer for life.
Andrew Watts
Vice President, Institutional Sales & Service
Konstantine the team are among my most trusted and reliable sources for high-quality, custom-made clothing. Being a TV news personality on a network with a nationally recognized brand demands clothing that not only fits like a glove but also sets a gold standard for the style and tone of every newscast. Konstantine and his team help me achieve that with every suit, shirt, and tie I purchase. The garments always have an impeccable fit, a durable quality, and come with highly personalized service during the planning, delivery, and after-sale stages. I highly recommend Konstantine to anyone seeking to up their game in the clothing department; you won’t be disappointed!
Tony Grace
Senior News Anchor & Producer CTV News
I wanted to make a statement with my appearance. Not cocky, or over the top, but sharp and put together, I wanted to quietly demonstrate competence and taste. I knew what I wanted to say with my wardrobe, but I didn’t know how to do it. That’s where Konstantine and got style really helped me. They brought the vision I had in my head to reality. I now take pride in my suits and it feels good
Todd Stansbury
Regional Vice-President, Enterprise Holdings
Konstantine is a highly accomplished suit designer. He has an eye for style, and a great talent for picking the perfect fabric for the ultimate suit. He is consummate professional, providing outstanding service and is a tremendous guy
Miles Raine
Saxophonist with Sean Jones & Owner of TALENTTOR INC.
I made an appointment to see Konstantine for a made to measure suit back in 2013 and by the end of the appointment, I had asked him to make me two suits. I had never bought a custom suit, always off the rack. After that first meeting with him, I subconsciously became a loyal customer. I credit his knowledge and passion for what he does. He cares about how his customer feels in what they wear and how it should look. I never fully realized the importance of fit and style until my first meeting with Konstantine. For someone who didn’t know much about tailoring, fabrics, lapels and collars, it can be an intimidating experience, one where you’d easily be in over your head if you are in the wrong hands. Konstantine took care of me and made me feel comfortable, educating me along the way and helping me to appreciate the fabrics, see that fashion, style and suiting up shouldn’t be a daunting task. The first impression Konstantine left on me is one that I would not soon forget, and is the gold standard I hold all to. Ever since my first encounter with Konstantine I have been dressing better and doing better
Richard Santos
Loyalty Resource and Customer Experience Coach, Telus
I cannot praise Konstantine and the service he provides enough. As a returning customer, I found his service, including flexibility to make appointments and quick turnarounds in producing a suit, equally as good as the first time we met. Konstantine always provides excellent advice and guidance throughout the process for customizing my wardrobe. I have recommended Konstantine to a number of friends who have been equally as satisfied as I am.
Dr. Rajiv Gandhi
Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Konstantine Malishevski is my personal bespoke tailor. Surely, if you want an ordinary suit there are plenty of options available, if you can be satisfied by the fanfare for the common man then you may not need Konstantine's service. But if you demand the extraordinary, and lust for the very best outside of Savile Row, then Konstantine is the man to call. The bespoke process demands patience, understanding, and meticulous attention to fine detail. From the selection of the finest material, to the measurements, to the pre and post fitting, Konsantine provided for me the very best in service quality; which is why i kept going back for more and more. Highly recommended.
Richard H. Mak
CEO RKM Capital Inc. Family Office
I work as a consultant for a number of various financial and public organizations and looking presentable and sharp is extremely important when meeting various executives. After purchasing a number of suits from high end retailers thinking they would last me, my frustration grew stronger as I would pay a lot of money but these suits wouldn’t stand the test of time. I was actually disappointed with every single suit I bought – they didn't last me more than a year. There’s got to be a better solution I thought to myself and Brizo was recommended to me. I met Konstantine a few days and he didn’t just jump right into selling me something, he first explained what it takes to create a custom suit. He walked me through the whole process first by discussing the type of suit I would like, types of fabric available, and differences between each, as well various elements that are extremely important to making a tailored a suit looking great. I didn’t know what to expect throughout this whole experience as never owned a custom-made suit before, but now that I can see how perfect and comfortable this suit sits on me, I know what a REAL suit should be like. I’m extremely glad that I decided to get a tailored suit and it fits me perfectly. I’m proud to wear every day I have to be in the office or have a business meeting. It makes me look very professional. I was extremely happy with the overall experience and the service that Brizo provided to me. Konstantine’s approach to customer service is impeccable. Brizo is the only place I will go to for my next custom suit.
Max G
Financial Consultant