The final touch to any wardrobe. Those little special elements that underline your exquisite taste and become the “glue” to your total look.

All our accessories are hand made in Italy by the finest craftsmen who with generations of experience and unparalleled skills.

Our luxury collection of hand made die-struck and embellished cufflinks.  Proudly made in Northern Italy using such elements as Mother-of-Pearl and Swarovski crystals, our cufflinks are a perfect sartorial touch to your shirt.. The cufflinks come with Brizo presentation box.

When it comes to pockets squares, our collection  stands out from others. Very intricate weaves done in a special way to achieve two separate designs on both sides. Made in Italy from an ultra soft non-satin silk and hand rolled and stitched by hand for perfection. Our pocket squares are glamorous, yet tasteful finishing touch to your tailored outfit. 

Our ties speak volume and underline your personality and personal taste. Perfectly suitable for many occasions, they are the focal point, the “glue” of your ensemble which expresses your individual style, and the fashion direction. Handmade  in Italy by skilled artisans who perfected the tie making craft for generations.

The Art Of Creating The Tie

Nothing short of hand-sewn in Italy, Brizo ties are made out of highest quality silks, linen and wool cloths. A special statement accessory, our ties are always hand cut using old, traditional method and crafted with special merino wool interlinings. The sewn such this increases the tie’s long-lasing impression, and making it a beautiful part of your collection.