Four generations of Craftsmanship

Expertise comes from knowledge, gained by hands-on experience and passed down through the generations, four generations to be exact, of premium tailoring for men and women.

No pressure professionalism

We understand the nuances that are inherent in constructing a finely tailored suit. You will not find commissioned salespeople within our ranks, only professional tailors with years of experience who perform each and every fit.

Each fitting is part of an experience in which every question asked holds merit and makes a valid point. It is our pleasure to inform our customers on the finer points of suit construction, and aid in understanding the differences and complexities that define the nature of our work.

Quality Tailoring

With a commitment to excellence comes an attention to quality, and there are no corners cut during our process. Only the finest components are used to ensure that all our products meet the highest level of distinction and guarantee the longevity of their wear.

The Expression

The expression is in the construction. Every detail counts when you commit to telling the story of excellence, down to the very stitch. With four levels of construction available, you select the finer aspects that delineate your life.


Quality, half-canvassed fronts constructed with a soft chest piece, padded lapels, and minimal fusing.


Superior, full canvassed fronts with absolutely no fusing and a number of handwork processes throughout the body of the jacket.


Premium, full canvassed fronts constructed with a considerable amount of handwork applications and finishes throughout the body of the jacket.


The pinnacle of excellence, this make is constructed with the highest grade, hand-stitched horsehair canvas and detailed with the finest quality handwork.

The Fit

Your suit should be as unique as you. We define the “proper fit” based upon your dimensions and personal preference, so you enjoy a fit that’s not too baggy, yet not skin-tight. And with our house cut being that of the modern and elevated professional, any occasion is cause for wear.


Best Components

When you are committed to being the best, you work with only the best. All of our interlinings and canvasses, down to the very threads, are made in Germany and Italy.

Of the number of premium fabric mills in the world, we choose to work with some of the best that Italy and England have to offer, and you can rest assured that every garment is made at our tailor shop in Toronto.

Finest Textiles