Our Brand

The legend has it that Brizo, an antient Greek goddess, was a prophet who knew how to interpret the dreams. Our garments are depiction of your fashion dream and ambitions, helping you evolve your style journey.

Who We Are?

From a passion for excellence comes a commitment to quality. We are some of the last true tailors and our expertise is derived from knowledge, gained through years of hands on experience. For four generations we’ve prided ourselves in crafting truly unique garments that help to capture the personality of the client who wears them.

As industry professionals, we are invested in the individuals who support our brand and it is because of this that we put an emphasis on close client relationships. We are nothing without the people who wear our garments upon their backs.

What We Do?

We craft quality suits, jackets, overcoats and shirts at our shop in Toronto, made from only the finest European interfacings and interlinings in the construction of all our garments. Our finest shirts are hand made in southern Italy, single-stitched, 21 stitches per inch. We embellish each piece with beautiful horn and mother-of-pearl buttons, along with other modern materials, to fit every article of clothing we craft to your unique personal preferences.

Our team of professional tailors takes great pride in their work in order to guarantee that you receive a premium fit and an unparalleled experience in excellence.

Why Us?

The occasions in life that demand a quality tailor are the times at which you need to look your best. There are plenty of stores out there that would be happy to sell you a suit, but there are few that have the expertise to tailor the highest quality materials to suit your individual needs.

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your hair or teeth, no; you carefully select a stylist or dentist based on their qualifications and reputation. Like a fine wine paired with the proper cuisine, we pair the right cloth and construction to compliment your lifestyle and cultivate an image that defines your unique personality.