The Art of Making Suits


Selection of Fabrics

Everything starts with the fabric and selection of trims. This process is fun and allows you to participate in the creation of your tailored suit. Which cloth, pattern and color will resonate with you?  You will decide and we will be there to guide you in your choices so as to match the occasion or your lifestyle.  Our library includes tens of thousands of fabrics but we will present only those that meet your criteria.

Measurement Process

You will be measured by a master tailor; not by a sales associate or a “tailoring consultant”. This is absolutely key to any well-fitting suit. You will receive a proper posture and body type assessment, along with over 50 other measurements required to craft the suit of your dreams.



We will draft a pattern specific to you and will store it in our archives should you ever require further adjustments or subsequent orders.


Cutting the fabric is an art in its own right. Our cutter’s steady hand ensures a precise match between the pattern measurements and the fabric, as well as careful coordination of the textile designs.

fitting1 (2)

Preparing for the First Fitting

The canvas is made and hemmed to the front panels of the jacket. We use hemming rather than permanent stitches to allow for easy adjustments at the first fitting.  At this stage, we will mark any adjustments and record them prior to the second fitting. Your trousers are almost complete at this stage.

Preparing for the Second Fitting

The jacket is returned to the workshop, taken apart and the necessary adjustments are made. The jacket is then re-assembled and “shaped”, a process during which the front panel opening, lapels and collar take on the proper shape as requested by the client.

fitting2 (2)

Second Fitting

The garment is close to completion and is again checked for any final adjustments, including sleeve pitch and length, final measurements, and pressing. At this stage, the trousers are also fitted with the appropriate footwear and the correct length is marked.

Garment is Ready!

Your suit is ready for collection.  All initial measurements and subsequent modifications are recorded, applied to the pattern, and archived for future reference.  You will also receive tips on how to treat your new tailored suit, as well as recommendations on appropriate accessories.