All of our tailors are highly skilled seasoned professionals with many years of experience working in Canada, and trained by respected tailors in Canada and Europe. Some of us came from the dynasty of professional tailors learning the trade from the early childhood.  Therefore, most of our suit, shirts, jackets, trousers and overcoats are made by us, in our Toronto-based workshop.  Some of our special order premium hand made shirts are made by our trusted partners in Italy, due to complexity and special skilled requirements.  A small selection of opening price point suits are also made in Portugal.

We hear that question very often and the short answer is we don’t like to be compared.  The are several reasons for this point of view.  The fine tailoring is a trade which is based on the years of training, knowledge, and artistic realization which results into a perfectly tailored garment to suit your body and needs.  Unfortunately, these days there are a lot of distributors (other names include but not limited to “tailoring consultants”, “fit consultants”, etc.) who misrepresent themselves as “bespoke tailors” and offering in many cases, cheaply made garments.  We simply cannot be compared to such establishments and rather,  would like to invite you to contact us and discuss your needs, and see how can we achieve your goals.

Depending on exact budget, we may recommend the alternative lesser expensive cloth or make.  We also have the entry level price point line of custom suits which is made by our partners in Portugal.  Such garments are extremely popular among recent graduates, occasional suit users and clients on the budget.  No matter what number you have in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us and see if we can help you.

Absolutely!  All of the records, patterns, notes and commentaries are kept in both paper and electronic format.  We track if you have any changes in your shape or weight and apply the changes to your pattern accordingly.  Think of this in terms as if it is a doctor’s chart.

We definitely understand what it means to have busy life. If you are located in the Toronto area or within 100 km radius, we will happy to accommodate you in your own comfortable environment, whether it’s your office or house.  We also make special visits to various cities outside of province and country.  Please see our travel schedule on Book an Appointment page